I have started my activity as a military psychologist and clinician in 2002. Since then, I have participated in two mission in the operating theatre in Iraq, where I offered psychological counseling to the soldiers exposed to war traumas and I have been involved in crisis interventions after traumatic incidents. I realized that the traumatic impact of the war and violence produces wounds so deep that we have to handle them with special care and attention, resources and methods.

Starting with 2009, I have had a private practice in the clinical field and I have specialized in psycho-trauma and the therapy of psychological trauma with foreign professors (PhD Brenda Wiederhold, Professor Franz Ruppert, Professor Richard Mitchell, etc.). I understood, throughout my activity, that verbal psychotherapy is not enough in working with trauma, especially when it comes to multiple traumas.

In order to overcome this limit of the traditional psychotherapy, I have enrolled in the training program regarding the theory and practice of EMDR, one of the most efficient and fast methods used in treating traumatic memories, as well as the Advanced Training in Multi-Generational Psycho-Traumatology with professor Franz Ruppert, in order to use the method of the Sentence of Intention. Meeting professor Franz Ruppert has been decisive, as it changed my view on the human psyche and psychological trauma.